Mario Domingos - 3D Motion Graphics Designer

.//Three Mobile//.

.//Three Mobile Ireland Retail Campaign//.

.//July Bill Pay//.

.//I've worked on this Ad from start to finish. Starting from the design and concept throughout all the phases of 3D. Was a bit of a tough one man's job with some time constraints and agency/client meetings in the middle but I've enjoyed every bit of it. I want to thank Gavin Kelly for his mentorship and for letting me drive this project//.

.//Pre Pay//.

.//For this one I was Lead 3D leading a group of 2 Cinema 4D artists and working some late nights. Was a very though but enjoyable process//.

.//May Pre Pay//.

.//Again a bit of a one man's job regarding all 3D. I had some creative input but was mostly responsible for the all the 3D Modeling, Animation, Render, etc..//