VHI Life - Goldfish

VHI Life

I'm very proud of this last project we did for VHI. The main reason is that it was a big step for us. 
We've used Maya for the first time on a big project (we were a Softimage studio before) in conjuction with our new Shotgun pipeline, and for all the other VHI commercials we've used Mental Ray and this time we used Arnold Render.
Another tool we used intensively was xGen. We first though on using Shave and Haircut becasue of it's simplicity but rapidly change our minds and at the end it was the best choice.
In this project I was resposible for the look dev of most of the shots (the only shot I didn't wok at all was the end sequence with the LIFE logo), all shaders, lighting,  and all the hair and other xGen features like the Coral in the underwater shot. I've modeled the fish and created all the Heaven and Sea environments.